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Computer Recycling, Computer Disposal and Data Wiping Services
Computer Recycling and Disposal

IT Recycling

Use TBC Recycler and Auctioneer for your computer recycling and computer disposal requirements and we will provide you with a fully comprehensive recycling service (that exceeds UK regulations). By Recycling and Disposal of your computer and IT equipment with us you will be helping the environment whilst fulfilling your obligations under the WEEE directive.  Unlike many other computer recycling and pc disposal companies, we aim to recycle by reuse as apposed to computer destruction/disposal. The reuse of old equipment is much better for the environment than simply breaking down computers that still have life in them. Recycling in this way as little of the original machine is sent for physical destruction. Reuse results in less waste due to lowering the demand for new computer production.

Computer Collections

When you book a computer recycling collection with us we will arrange the IT collection at a time convenient to you.  We only ever use our own fleet of vehicles, ensuring your equipment is secure at all times. Our uniformed collection staff are highly experienced to ensure that the collection of your computers is hassle-free.

Van Collection

    Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Upon arrival of your computer equipment to our highly secure service and recycling centre, all data is securely and permanently destroyed from hard drives using software that exceeds US Military regulations overwriting all addressable storage and directories on the drive up to seven times: with zeros, complement (FF hex) and random characters; and then verifies all writing procedures.  A full and secure data wiping procedure is performed as the first stage of recycling.

Asset Reporting

A comprehensive asset report is produced with every collection. Every item is given a unique collection number and barcode ensuring a highly detailed and accurate asset report detailing the specifics of your equipment. This will include any asset numbers/serial numbers (if applicable). All asset tags and company references including permanent security tags are removed from all equipment. On average our turn around time from collection to receiving your asset report is only 10 days.   


    Refurbished Computers for Reuse

Refurbished Computers

Our recycling and disposal procedure requires that all received IT equipment is processed through our recycling and servicing centre where each and every computer receives a full data wiping process followed by a refurbishment and testing procedure.

Computers that have passed these rigorous procedures will then be certified suitable for reuse or deemed unsuitable and physically recycled. If a computer cannot be repaired or reused we then break it down to its constituent parts at which point each type of material is segregated and sent to our partnered UK AATF recycler for physical recycling.

To discuss your computer recycling requirements with us please do not hesitate to contact one of our IT collection team members on 0208 443 2323, alternatively you can email us at


PC Computer

PC Laptop Recycling
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Computer recycling

Our mission here at TBC Recycling is to provide a completely hassle-free comprehensive unrivalled standard of computer recycling which is extremely efficient and cost-effective but environmentally friendly also. We are leading experts in computer recycling and disposal, data destruction, asset reporting and refurbishing computers and IT equipment.

At TBC Recycling we offer the highest standard of computer and IT equipment recycling whilst being fully conscious of your sensitive data. Our recycling service is a complete end-to-end service including the collection of your equipment at a convenient time for you, data destruction to the highest level of security and diligence, a waste transfer note, an asset report, certificate of data destruction and a certificate of recycling.

Computer disposal

As well as recycling your equipment, we also offer an on-site data wiping service and fully catered computer disposal package. Once we have received your collection requirements we will arrange a collection time and date that is the most convenient for you. We offer a nationwide collection service with our own fleet of vehicles ranging from box-vans to 7.5 tonne trucks ensuring that we cater for all types of collections, no matter the shape or size of your goods to be disposed or recycled.

The safety and security of your equipment and data is a high priority that we employ at TBC Recycling. Our security-vetted and uniformed collection staff works to the highest standard of professionalism and are highly experience guaranteeing the collection of your computer equipment runs as smooth as possible.

IT recycling

TBC Recycling offers computer disposal and IT recycling on all computer equipment and related products. We have the necessary measures and means in place to accommodate for all of your electronic removal and disposal requirements.

TBC Recycling aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible and one of our key focuses is to reuse old equipment where possible rather than simply disposing computers and equipment that could be fixed.

IT disposal

Our IT disposal facility is second to none, catering to any and every need or wish you want to be addressed. TBC Recycling follows strict guidelines and procedures set out by The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive.

The recycling and disposal procedure that we utilise at TBC Recycling is strategically and diligently methodical. All IT equipment is processed through our recycling and servicing centre where it receives a full data wiping service followed by a rigorous refurbishment and testing procedure.

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